Taking sides

Sometimes in life we are put into situations where we need to take sides. Often these situations are created by people who have nothing better to do, or with ill intentions.

Recalling a time few years back when I was tricked into it fills me with much regret, and some sort of emotion resembling anger at the person who conned me into it. She was the one who made us form a sort of clique opposing another, and then went the opposite way and pointed fingers at us.

Never again will I let such a thing happen. I will blame my thoughtfulness and trusting nature, and of course, her ill intentions, whether consciously or unconsciously. Mostly myself to be blamed.

And now, I will just heed the advice of St. Ignatius, about consolation and desolation, to not make any changes in desolation.

But of course I’m on Christ’s side ;)

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